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Vocav.com and Collaborative-Tools.com Chat Transcript

So the online chat at Bido.com during the auction of Misconception.com went fantastically well, I think. I had a whole hour to talk about the stuff we've been doing with Vocav.com and Collaborative-Tools.com. There were a lot of good questions and comments and I think it was a really healthy debate over a lot of relevant topics.

In fact, it was so good, I've gotten permission to post the whole transcript below. Also, if you've got a great idea for a chat, you need to hook up with Art Parent at Bido.com (art at bido.com) and tell him I sent ya!

[13:00] Art: Please welcome Andrew Douglas of Theoretical Games and UtterDomain.com!
[13:00] Hinc: Howdy
[13:00] ironmanxsl: Hey everybody
[13:00] Andrew Douglas: Hello hello
[13:00] ironmanxsl: That's a nice opening bid
[13:00] DomainVictor: wow. 480 already
[13:00] Art: Andrew Douglas, you have some interesting projects in the works
[13:00] Patty Similien: damn
[13:00] Andrew Douglas: I keep busy :)
[13:00] algis: Just finished watching traffic amsterdam. generics rocked
[13:01] Art: Andrew, tell us a bit about the soon-to-be released Google Wave and how your product at Collaborative-Tools.com relates to it.
[13:01] Andrew Douglas: human.in went for 4 figures... :)
[13:01] Art: I know you like those .ins, Andrew
[13:01] algis: DiamondRings.com is really a steal at that price
[13:01] ironmanxsl: domain.in would be a great domain
[13:01] dnpimping: morning
[13:01] algis: I'd bid on it, but had no such funds immediately available
[13:01] ironmanxsl: hey Pimp
[13:01] Andrew Douglas: Well, for those who haven't been watching the news, Google Wave is a newly announced product where the folks who did Google Maps asked the question "What would email look like if it was invented today"
[13:01] DomainVictor: algis, love that name. Great Keyword and enduser opportunites
[13:02] algis: amazing steal :-)
[13:02] ironmanxsl: Pimp, a lady with the same car as you got side swiped by a truck
[13:02] ironmanxsl: outside the office
[13:02] DomainVictor: not sure it was a steal
[13:02] Art: you mean it wouldn't look like GMail?
[13:02] Andrew Douglas: They are incredibly smart folks and came up with a really cool design for unified messaging and real time collaboration
[13:02] algis: $200k for 1.2mil exact searches product killer name?
[13:02] DomainVictor: How long until wave comes out of Beta? 10 years?
[13:02] ironmanxsl: the lady had her door open
[13:02] Patty Similien: PIMP, ALGIS and DV!! Hi guys!
[13:02] algis: hey Patty :-)
[13:02] Andrew Douglas: basically a wave can be any document but for their demo they were working with rich text/photos/etc.
[13:02] dnpimping: yep i was reading about google wave
[13:02] dnpimping: hey patty
[13:03] Andrew Douglas: and when you send someone a wave, you can reply to it like a normal email
[13:03] Art: is it possible to edit docs and that sort of thing?
[13:03] Andrew Douglas: but if the other person is online, you start chatting...
[13:03] BambooMan: Algist, what domain are you talking about?
[13:03] Andrew Douglas: yeah, so besides just IM and email integration, it's got built in document collaboration too..
[13:04] BambooMan: Isn't that Google Docs?
[13:04] DomainVictor: Andrew Douglas, I think people are looking for more simplicity and cleaner applications. Very busy based on the presentation. Also seems to be a memory hog
[13:04] Andrew Douglas: so you can both be editing the same wave at the same time and watch each other's changes in realtime
[13:04] algis: BambooMan, diamondrings.com
[13:04] BambooMan: I use google docs to collaborate with one of my designers, its great
[13:04] dnpimping: People are pretty excited about google wave
[13:04] BambooMan: OH!
[13:04] BambooMan: great name
[13:04] BambooMan: $200k is a steal
[13:04] algis: I did approach owner some 3-4 weeks ago offering 100k. had only that amount available at that moment
[13:05] Andrew Douglas: if I drag and drop a photo onto the wave, you see a thumbnail of it before it even finishes uploading.. etc.. very cool tech
[13:05] algis: it is 500k-1m name
[13:05] Art: Google docs are rather handy. This sounds like it will be even better
[13:05] BambooMan: what's the difference between wave and docs?
[13:05] Andrew Douglas: so the big news though is that this isn't gmail.. they are opening up the server code and letting anyone run their own wave server
[13:05] Art: that is rather generous of the folks at Google
[13:05] Andrew Douglas: and they've built an open protocol for federation of wave servers so one wave server can talk in real time with other wave servers
[13:06] Andrew Douglas: just like email
[13:06] BambooMan: does it work on a blackberry?
[13:06] DomainVictor: Yes. Fishing for folks to develop apps so that it will get integrated into a very stubborn marketplace.
[13:06] Andrew Douglas: the demo had it shown on an iphone.. not sure how well it works on blackberry
[13:07] DomainVictor: Do we know what Googles Revenue model is on this yet?
[13:07] Art: Andrew, how will Wave work with the tools you are developing at Collaborative-Tools.com?
[13:08] DomainVictor: or is it altruistic?
[13:08] Andrew Douglas: I'm obviously very excited about it as a developer and so while we had planned to launch collaborative-tools.com as a product review site of things like webex and gotomeeting and such.. we've now taken a bit of turn and started looking at ways we can take advantage of wave
[13:08] Andrew Douglas: thanks for asking art!
[13:08] BambooMan: and?
[13:08] Art: my pleasure
[13:08] Andrew Douglas: So the first step is building more community features and getting a place for for wave tools to live, be marketed and be sold
[13:09] Patty Similien: Andrew Douglas, are hyphens pretty popular?
[13:09] Andrew Douglas: we'll also be working on having collaborative-tools branded tools as well.
[13:09] BambooMan: In many countries outside the USA, hyphens are the rule...not the exception
[13:09] Art: I know they are my favorite piece of punctuation
[13:09] Andrew Douglas: in many places and by search engines.. yes
[13:09] DomainVictor: Andrew Douglas, Careful, google might take your app and develop it themselves ah la Microsoft
[13:10] BambooMan: In germany, a hyphenated domain is much more valuable than a non-hyphenated
[13:10] Andrew Douglas: that's fine.. it's called validation :)
[13:10] DomainVictor: lol
[13:10] DomainVictor: Now who is being altruistic
[13:10] BambooMan: we are being invaded by socialists
[13:10] Andrew Douglas: so we with the announcement just last week we aren't to the point where we are able to say specific tools we'll have available but it's something we are very excited about and wanted to get feedback on people's take on google wave
[13:11] Art: Andrew, you mentioned Webex earlier. These tools sound like they work similar to a Webex where everyone can access 1 screen
[13:11] DomainVictor: Shawn Fannin, Meet Andrew Douglas
[13:11] Andrew Douglas: :)
[13:11] Art: if that makes sense...
[13:11] Andrew Douglas: art: right, that's definitely part of it.
[13:11] Art: very interesting
[13:11] Andrew Douglas: that's why we've registered wavemeeting and waveconferencing .com
[13:11] Andrew Douglas: wavemeetings.. sorry
[13:12] Andrew Douglas: don't ask about TM's
[13:12] Art: Good idea. You might attact some people looking for surfing sites, though!
[13:12] BambooMan: but if your tools are based on Googles proprietary technology doesn't that violate their trademark?
[13:12] BambooMan: why not?
[13:12] Andrew Douglas: I think that's an outstanding question that will only be answered in the fulness of time :)
[13:13] Andrew Douglas: they've not shown where wave will be a TM - I think they are working on making it "twitter" like or "email" ish
[13:13] BambooMan: Good luck my friend!
[13:13] DomainVictor: If Google provides access and opportunity for you to maket their product as a compnent of your own, you have a leg to stand on. See UniSap.com URDP
[13:13] Andrew Douglas: and that's the second avenue
[13:13] Andrew Douglas: getting their blessing :)
[13:14] BambooMan: that is a big truck to play chicken with!
[13:14] DomainVictor: They did make a public plea for developers to create apps and integrate them into Wave
[13:14] Andrew Douglas: so you all think it's "out there"?
[13:14] Andrew Douglas: google wave that is.
[13:14] richard: DomainVictor, Google probably wouldn't just use a UDRP though if they really wanted it.. They would take it to Federal court
[13:14] Andrew Douglas: or do you see yourself using it in a year
[13:14] DomainVictor: richard, True, but the URDP has a basis in TM law
[13:14] BambooMan: problem is that Google never markets these tools to anyone except developers...the general public has no idea that google does anything except search engine and mybe Gmail
[13:14] DomainVictor: <---Not a lawyer.
[13:15] Ruby Pilar: Computer stalled, hi everyone :)
[13:15] Art: BambooMan, don't forget those maps!
[13:15] Andrew Douglas: bamboo - I think they realize that it takes more than just google pushing it for it to become a truly universal platform
[13:15] BambooMan: oh yeah...that map thing seems to be catching on :-)
[13:16] DomainVictor: and Google Earth
[13:16] jhansen: Google Earth is pretty popular stuff...
[13:16] richard: In reality I don't think a UDRP can/will help with either sides cause once it moves to another jurisdiction (ie. court)... not a lawyer either, but wouldn't mind becoming one :P
[13:16] jhansen: Those guys think of everything..sheesh.
[13:16] Art: Andrew, how will users be able to access these tools? Will the site offer subscriptions? Or will we be able to download the apps for a fee?
[13:16] DomainVictor: Google Invented the internet
[13:16] BambooMan: reinvented
[13:16] DomainVictor: Do I own my taxes to Google?
[13:17] richard: Anyone using Bing? rofl
[13:17] DomainVictor: lol
[13:17] Andrew Douglas: well, there is plugin support in the google wave client, so it will likely be "for a fee" type services.. but subscriptions aren't out of the question either
[13:17] BambooMan: if you use google adsense you are already paying huge taxes to them
[13:17] DomainVictor: richard, don't you mean bada-Bing? as in a rimshot
[13:17] richard: Microsoft and their complete failure...
[13:17] Art: Andrew Douglas, so one will need to download the wave platform from google
[13:17] Andrew Douglas: we'll also be able to feature non google wave clients.. meaning third party developer tools that work as a wave client
[13:17] Art: then install your tools?
[13:18] Andrew Douglas: right
[13:18] Andrew Douglas: it's not really download though
[13:18] Patty Similien: 648
[13:18] Art: ah web based, right?
[13:18] Andrew Douglas: google's wave client is an html 5 app - so it runs in your browser
[13:18] Art: I remember that from the video
[13:19] Art: everything happens in the browser
[13:19] Andrew Douglas: getting IE to support html 5 though might require a download
[13:19] Andrew Douglas: so one other cool features is that you can publish your waves to websites.. and then comments from your blog or forum get sent to you in your wave client in realtime
[13:19] DomainVictor: Wave.com Registrant: Wave Systems Corp., 480 Pleasant St. Lee, MA 01238. Cha Ching!
[13:20] Andrew Douglas: so it can really act as a content production/content management system
[13:20] Andrew Douglas: :)
[13:20] Andrew Douglas: I asked the guy who owned wave.me how much he wanted, but he said it had already sold
[13:20] Andrew Douglas: I own waving.me though
[13:20] Art: Andrew, can you discuss some of the apps Collaborative-Tools.com has in the works? How about Wrike.com?
[13:21] Andrew Douglas: Wrike is just an review of an existing product.. That's kinda the original vision for collaborative tools though - product reviews, affiliate fees, etc. etc. etc
[13:21] Andrew Douglas: the vision has gotten bigger :)
[13:21] Art: ah, I see
[13:22] Andrew Douglas: I want to see this auction hit 4 figures!
[13:22] Andrew Douglas: keep bidding!
[13:22] Patty Similien: My only thought is what is this name to an end user?
[13:23] Art: How bout a mythbusters style site?
[13:23] Andrew Douglas: exactly
[13:23] Patty Similien: hmm ok
[13:23] Patty Similien: I can see that
[13:23] Andrew Douglas: I spent 30 minutes reading various lists of misconceptions in preparing my commentary.. very interesting stuff
[13:23] Art: Our experts have provided some great end user ideas, as usual
[13:23] Art: we appreciate that
[13:23] Andrew Douglas: learned a few things
[13:24] Art: way to prepare!
[13:24] Andrew Douglas: did you know that airplanes really don't dispose of their waste in mid air .. at least not on purpose?
[13:24] jhansen: I would hope not!
[13:24] Flipjr: very informational
[13:24] Andrew Douglas: I have no idea where I had read it but that's one i had heard before
[13:24] Art: I heard you aren't supposed to go swimming unless you wait 30 minutes after you eat
[13:24] Art: is that true?
[13:24] Flipjr: lol
[13:24] Patty Similien: I always seem to forget that we have that panel
[13:24] Patty Similien: You shouldnt
[13:25] Patty Similien: swim strenuously
[13:25] Andrew Douglas: my sister lost her big mac once while swimming right after..
[13:25] Patty Similien: in large bodies of water
[13:25] Andrew Douglas: :)
[13:25] Art: Andrew Douglas, wanna talk about Volcav.com?
[13:25] jhansen: ewwww
[13:25] Andrew Douglas: vocav
[13:25] Art: sorry
[13:25] Andrew Douglas: yes I would.
[13:25] Andrew Douglas: it's like local but the l's are v's :)
[13:25] Art: geo domain related site?
[13:25] Andrew Douglas: more than that.. it's a platform for building geo domain sites.. in mass
[13:26] Andrew Douglas: we are using it to power our geo domain portfolio.. some 600 .IN geo domains from all over the world
[13:26] Art: Will this be specific to .in domains?
[13:26] Andrew Douglas: we own 23 state .IN's , every province in canada (and all but one territory).. we own over 50% of the major cities in US, Canada and UK
[13:27] Andrew Douglas: initially it will be built for our use, but we foresee a future where it will be used to power anyone's geo domain
[13:27] Andrew Douglas: regardless of extension
[13:27] Flipjr: 50% whats your favorite
[13:27] Andrew Douglas: Indianapolis.in is a favorite
[13:27] Andrew Douglas: colorado.in
[13:27] Art: Andrew Douglas, why did you decide to go with .in geo domain names?
[13:28] Flipjr: yes do tell
[13:28] Andrew Douglas: edmonton, leeds, tons and tons of top names
[13:28] Andrew Douglas: Good question.
[13:28] Andrew Douglas: So largely it was a question of availability, nearly 500 of the names we bought are reg fee names
[13:29] Andrew Douglas: second was relevence to end users..
[13:29] Flipjr: any sucessful sales?
[13:29] Andrew Douglas: what do you ask when you do a query about a particular place? You ask "hotels in X" or "doctors in Y"
[13:29] Andrew Douglas: so .in is for "what is in" your neighborhood
[13:29] Andrew Douglas: we aren't selling
[13:30] Andrew Douglas: Our focus is development
[13:30] Flipjr: Nice
[13:30] Flipjr: clever as well
[13:30] Andrew Douglas: end users in US, Canada and UK don't care about .IN being the ccTLD for India
[13:30] Andrew Douglas: so we've captured a majority of names and are using .IN as our brand
[13:30] Andrew Douglas: (along with Vocav.com)
[13:30] Flipjr: It looks sharp...
[13:30] dnpimping: interesting
[13:30] Bido: Current Bid: US $648.00
[13:31] Art: Andrew Douglas, did you have many geo names in your portfolio before you decided to launch Vocav.com?
[13:31] Andrew Douglas: we aren't only just at the first stages of it but as we've completed the majority of our acquisitions we are now working on partnerships so it made sense to announce what we are doing
[13:31] Flipjr: any examples of your geo minis?
[13:31] Flipjr: sites?
[13:31] Andrew Douglas: not yet flip
[13:31] DomainVictor: Andrew Douglas, End users do care. They avoid clicking on non familiar tlds all the time.
[13:32] dnpimping: I agree with DV
[13:32] Andrew Douglas: Not really Art. I worked on a restaurant review site back at the end of the dot com bubble though
[13:32] Mike Mann: com is king
[13:32] dnpimping: I can't see .in grabbing the attention of Los Angeles based web users
[13:32] Andrew Douglas: it is.. and we are willing to be second fiddle... but we will be second.. not last
[13:32] DomainVictor: Com is king and Com is "Com"fortable
[13:32] Andrew Douglas: we will be providing services that .com hasn't/won't
[13:32] DomainVictor: Actually you are right, COntent is king
[13:32] Mike Mann: whatever one uses other than .com it gives free money to the .com owner, so it should be you, in which case you should use it
[13:33] Andrew Douglas: if we were using .net I would agree.. and while we might lose some, we are branding .IN heavily
[13:33] Mike Mann: sounds dilutive
[13:33] Mike Mann: nothing personal of course
[13:33] Andrew Douglas: understood.. that is a risk we are willing to take
[13:33] Mike Mann: maybe some catchy stuff i missed
[13:33] DomainVictor: Mike Mann, Agreed but if you brand the .in, that meand you need ColoradoIn.in to cover yourself
[13:33] Mike Mann: branding wise
[13:34] Mike Mann: you need colorado.com
[13:34] Art: Andrew, what development potential do you see in general for geo domain names?
[13:34] DomainVictor: I need colorado.com
[13:34] Andrew Douglas: for example - we are going to be marketing heavily to civic and various volunteer organizations ..
[13:34] Mike Mann: dont confuse them
[13:34] Andrew Douglas: free services, free advertising, etc.
[13:34] Mike Mann: they arent domain experts
[13:34] Andrew Douglas: locally relevant and in their neighborhood where it matters
[13:35] Andrew Douglas: right, which means setting up a website and having it administered is outside what many organizations can do
[13:35] sanbio: I agree with .in. I just wrote an article on it this morning
[13:35] Art: I think w/ the newspaper industry where it is right now, geo domains might be a good thing to utilize
[13:35] Andrew Douglas: we can do it very well for them and that brings up relevant content too
[13:35] Andrew Douglas: up=us
[13:35] Mike Mann: geo domains are fine if they are actually the best ones
[13:36] Mike Mann: like any of the best category domains
[13:36] Andrew Douglas: for example my brother works with family and child services in knoxville and fights the battle of getting publicity for what they are doing all the time
[13:36] Mike Mann: otherwise its more confusing noise the public wont digest
[13:36] Flipjr: do you own any geo Mike?
[13:36] Mike Mann: yes
[13:36] Art: Andrew Douglas, so how will Vocav.com work? Will you be providing content?
[13:36] Mike Mann: much of african countries
[13:36] Mike Mann: vaticancity.com
[13:36] Mike Mann: northernireland.com
[13:36] Mike Mann: etc
[13:37] algis: I know of many so called developed generic one/two word names, that did horrible as websites.
[13:37] algis: it's not only name
[13:37] algis: that makes it success
[13:37] Andrew Douglas: Art: so vocav.com will cover cities we miss, and will be what powers the geo domains. Things like content management, user management, various services, ad platform, etc.
[13:38] dnpimping: Success is in the marketing and content
[13:38] Andrew Douglas: we'll be eventually be marketing it as a platform for geo domain owners to use to build their sites.. we can host for example and they can produce relevant content
[13:38] Flipjr: AndAgree w/ dnpimp
[13:38] Mike Mann: but no reason not to try to have it all
[13:38] dnpimping: you could reg ihaveadomainname.com and it could do well with proper marketing and content
[13:38] Flipjr: lol
[13:38] Andrew Douglas: we will be partnering for a lot of our content initially
[13:38] algis: it is domain name that helps your marketing skill and your idea/content. not vice versa
[13:38] algis: just a domain will not make anything decent on it's own
[13:38] Andrew Douglas: but like I said, we have a number of idea for getting user generated content as well
[13:39] dnpimping: with proper branding Andrew's idea will work
[13:39] dnpimping: sounds like he is putting some good money behind it
[13:39] jetocomike: hey what about the SEO ?
[13:39] Flipjr: Andrew sounds like you have great development strategies which should make up for any lack in ext
[13:39] Andrew Douglas: so mike - one of the reasons we didn't go the .com route is that it is cost prohibitive to buy them in bulk and development them in bulk
[13:39] Art: Andrew, so eventually, non .in geo domains may use Vocav?
[13:39] Andrew Douglas: art: correct
[13:40] Andrew Douglas: with massive numbers of domains, we have a huge advantage that .com owners don't have
[13:40] Flipjr: You could offer mike a billion or two for some of his domains
[13:40] Andrew Douglas: economies of scale they don't have
[13:40] Andrew Douglas: leverage with advertisers and partners they don't have
[13:41] Andrew Douglas: so we think we are well positioned
[13:41] jetocomike: andrew what about the arabic domain names like اسد.com
[13:41] Andrew Douglas: but time will tell
[13:41] Andrew Douglas: no opinion
[13:41] Andrew Douglas: we are focused right now on english and potentially on other languages that have .IN mean .IN :)
[13:41] Andrew Douglas: german, italian, etc.
[13:41] Mike Mann: it would be better to not spend money on a bunch of risky names and instead bet it all on one killer brand and be its cheerleader for life
[13:42] Art: interesting idea. Could eventually become a geo site management service
[13:42] Mike Mann: see what ZI do at mikemann.com
[13:42] Mike Mann: bet big on a few things
[13:43] algis: it depends on what you call risky names
[13:43] Andrew Douglas: mike: we've got 600 names for the price of one.. It's diversifying my risk in some ways
[13:43] Jarred: 17 mins left
[13:43] Flipjr: Mike that def helps from feeling scattered in a ton of projects...
[13:43] algis: if you think phone.com is 50 mil. I'd take 100 x diamondrings.com like names over phone.com any day(500k each)
[13:43] Mike Mann: I call any non .com risky
[13:43] Art: Andrew, how long has Theoretical Games been in operation?
[13:43] algis: and it would have been much better investment
[13:44] Mike Mann: anything that can be diluted by names you dont own, plurals, singulars, typos are no good, no trademarks
[13:44] Andrew Douglas: right, but just for reference, if I have to spend 6 months building out Oxnard.com to be a profitable site, why not spend that 6 months building a platform for a 100 sites like oxnard.. even if they only get 1/10 of the traffic - I win
[13:44] Mike Mann: clean stuff only or someone else is in the lead
[13:44] Mike Mann: well i dont know your math, maybe you are on to something
[13:44] Andrew Douglas: art: over 3 years, but the first couple were focused on video game development.. we realized that was not a very good use of our time and moved to "online entertainment"
[13:44] Flipjr: Two different strategies - And which one will stand tall in this economy? on the next 20/20 lol
[13:45] algis: Andrew Douglas, 100% agree :-)
[13:45] Mike Mann: but i feel good owning brands I can own for life irrespective of economy and domain politics and marketplace
[13:45] Andrew Douglas: mike - if we can make $10 per day on average for our best 300 names, that's 90k a month in revenue. It's enough for us!
[13:45] Mike Mann: like I said if your math works thats awesome, i dont know, I am all about branding
[13:46] Andrew Douglas: and our portfolio easily has 300 names that can pull that off
[13:46] Flipjr: Mike do you actively participate in the brands you own?
[13:46] Mike Mann: yes
[13:46] dnpimping: i take it you own ventura.com also?
[13:46] Art: Andrew, Vocav.com and Collaborative-Tools.com are products of Theorectical, right?
[13:46] Andrew Douglas: correct.
[13:46] Mike Mann: with the ceo's I invented and own seo.com skateboards.com phone.com software.com happybirthday.com, all corporations
[13:46] Andrew Douglas: it's largely a family business :)
[13:46] Flipjr: Andrew - mass production had made some folks rich as well as one brand focus
[13:46] dnpimping: good
[13:47] Art: So, Andrew, what do yo think of today's name, misconception.com?
[13:47] Flipjr: Diferent strokes ya know, it all depends on the one running the show
[13:47] BambooMan: Mike - you buy Bamboo.com and let's do my project
[13:47] Mike Mann: ok
[13:47] Flipjr: lol
[13:47] Andrew Douglas: well, I really like it... as I said in my commentary. I think it has a lot of potential for content and traffic
[13:48] Art: BambooMan, Bido is waiting for those free lobsters, btw
[13:48] Patty Similien: Art, I want lobster
[13:48] Andrew Douglas: monetizing might be tricky .. but not impossible
[13:48] BambooMan: you'll get the lobsters when I see my names get accepted!
[13:48] Art: ah, yes, yours is the featured commentary for today's auction
[13:48] Art: what a coincidence!
[13:48] Andrew Douglas: that's my ugly mug :)
[13:49] Flipjr: Are you the guy on mythbusters?
[13:49] Patty Similien: I need to change my picture
[13:49] Art: Flip, that's a misconception
[13:49] Andrew Douglas: oh, and our network of sites will help us promote other brands and services we can provide.. for example worldmaps.ws :)
[13:49] DomainVictor: I own LargeLobsters.com so don't be cheap!
[13:50] DomainVictor: $648 is a pretty big number for this doman in my opinion
[13:50] DomainVictor: I hope there are devlopment plans
[13:50] sanbio: What are your thoughts on ciscocertifications.in that cover business sectors instead of geo's for .in?
[13:50] Flipjr: looong word
[13:50] Art: Andrew Douglas, what are your future plans for Theoretical Games? Branching out into more application development?
[13:51] DomainVictor: It is also a negative one.
[13:51] Andrew Douglas: sanbio - I own cosmeticdentists.in or something like that.. but I think there's potential there.. it's just not our angle really
[13:51] Flipjr: Theoretical Games- Whats that about?
[13:51] Flipjr: Gamers?
[13:52] DomainVictor: Flipjr, haven't you seen War Games?
[13:52] Andrew Douglas: Art: yes, we are developers first and foremost. We have some fun sites that are keeping us busy. My wife works on Dressup.In which is a game site
[13:52] Flipjr: hmmmm. i live under a rock-no
[13:52] Art: The Bido offices are currently at Defcon 1
[13:52] sanbio: If anyone wants to collaborate, my email is domains@dnaffiliates.com and sorry for the shameless plug
[13:52] DomainVictor: Matthew Broderick Vehicle
[13:52] Andrew Douglas: and we are working together on AdultFiction.org as well which has bee quite entertaining :)
[13:52] Art: Hmm. Interesting
[13:53] Andrew Douglas: (af.org is not yet launched obviously)
[13:53] Art: Andrew, are you planning on attending any industry events in the near future?
[13:53] Flipjr: Bido should have one
[13:53] Art: I agree
[13:53] Andrew Douglas: I haven't decided on if we will be going to Traffic in New York or not. We will be at Dragon*Con in August though!
[13:54] Art: I don't know what that is
[13:54] Andrew Douglas: not an industry event really, but a helluva lot of fun!
[13:54] Andrew Douglas: comic con on the east coast - atlanta specifically
[13:54] Art: gotcha
[13:55] Art: we're about due for that end of auction frenzy here
[13:55] Flipjr: was wave already discussed
[13:55] Andrew Douglas: I appreciate the feedback everyone... even if you think it's doomed to obscurity :)
[13:55] Andrew Douglas: flip: yep
[13:55] Art: Wave? Never heard of it
[13:55] sanbio: Google wave?
[13:55] Flipjr: Andrew, mad props for what you do.
[13:56] sanbio: Next huige thing
[13:56] Andrew Douglas: thanks!
[13:56] Patty Similien: What wave?
[13:56] DomainVictor: Good luck
[13:56] dnpimping: Andrew it seems like you focus on many categories
[13:56] Flipjr: google
[13:56] Flipjr: i was late
[13:56] DomainVictor: Google Wave is owned by a Vietnamese guy
[13:56] Art: I know, Flip, just kidding
[13:56] dnpimping: What do you feel about niche domaining?
[13:56] DomainVictor: GoogleWave.com that is
[13:57] Andrew Douglas: dnpimping - domaining feeds my ADD.. but we are focused very heavily on vocav and I'm passionate about realtime collaboration so it works :)
[13:57] DomainVictor: But if they get the .in, they should still be ok
[13:57] DomainVictor: j/k
[13:57] Flipjr: Andrew let me know if you need an outside beta tester. ok
[13:57] dnpimping: hah DV
[13:57] dnpimping: yougotjokes.com
[13:57] dnpimping: hehe
[13:57] Andrew Douglas: will do! so art - wanna ask "how can folks get a hold of you?" :)
[13:57] Art: DomainVictor, are you still seeking out geo .in domains?
[13:57] DomainVictor: JokeLover.com ?
[13:57] Flipjr: lol
[13:57] Art: oh yeah!
[13:57] Art: So,
[13:57] Bido: Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BidoDotCom
[13:58] Flipjr: art fell asleep at least 5xs
[13:58] Art: Andrew, how can the viewers get in touch with you?
[13:58] Andrew Douglas: FriendFeed.com/Theoretical has a lot of it covered.. but you can email me at andrew@theoreticalgames.com
[13:58] algis: anyone have any one word .com's that can be used for games
[13:58] dnpimping: andrew do you twitter?
[13:58] algis: online browser games I mean
[13:58] Andrew Douglas: a little :)
[13:59] Flipjr: friend feed
[13:59] DomainVictor: Nice. I do appreciate a great development idea.
[13:59] dnpimping: what's your twitter?
[13:59] DomainVictor: Hope to see it expandable to other niches
[13:59] Andrew Douglas: twitter.com/utterdomain
[13:59] Bido: Bido is pleased
[13:59] DomainVictor: I have a two worder..GameCzar.com :)
[13:59] Patty Similien: Patty Similien, is amazing
[13:59] Andrew Douglas: Did I answer everyone's questions?
[14:00] Patty Similien: I have one....
[14:00] Art: I think you got all mine
[14:00] sanbio: Andrew tx
[14:00] Jarred: Thanks for being our guest today Andrew
[14:00] DomainVictor: Andrew Douglas, Launch Date for the .in"s?
[14:00] BambooMan: later guys
[14:00] Jarred: congrats BidAlias, $648 final
[14:00] Patty Similien: BambooMan, c ya
[14:00] Patty Similien: check ur mail
[14:00] Art: Thank you very much, Andrew. Very informative
[14:00] Andrew Douglas: we'll have several of the sites launched this summer.. no specific date yet, but you can subscribe at vocav.com and we'll let you know

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  1. Sad that user Patty Similien turned out to be a huge scammer.