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Riding the Wave

So, if you've been a good domainer you've been buying every "wave" based name you can get your hands on. I've got some suggestions though for where you can expand your search for domain opportunities related to the new "wave" of technologies.

  • Keywords related to contacts, photos and file sharing.

  • Keywords related to collaboration, meetings, and conferencing.

  • The entire .WS extension just got a lot more useful. WS=Wave Server

  • Keywords related to news, blogging, surfing (lots of these already taken)

  • Keywords related to tools, software, servers, robots and development. If you haven't watched the video, head to http://wave.google.com as there are tons of keywords thrown out throughout the whole video related to the technology.

  • Don't forget .mobi and even .me

  • Waves are bigger than just rich text messages like you think of email today. They can be any document type as well as custom objects/gadgets. Think outside the box.

  • Finally, think naturally. Oceans, Tides, Tsunami and other nature terms related to Waves

So far I've grabbed collaborate.ws, and then for .com I've grabbed wavemeetings, waveconferencing, and wave-bots. I also picked up a slew of waving.* names. I've already had a hand in collaboration tools, so I was a bit ahead of the curve on that... but hopefully these ideas will lead you to some nice new names in the wave space.

I'll even give you this one for free - wave.travel and waves.travel are available for reg fee.

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