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Appearing on the Bido Show!

I've been asked to be the Guest Speaker for this Thursday's Bido Live Auction chat. If you haven't participated in a Bido chat before, this is not only a great chance to get to know yours truly but also to meet some of the most influential and successful domainers in the industry. The 1 hour Live Auction of Misconception.com will take place this Thursday, June 2nd at 1pm EST. Log in to Bido.com, click the Chat tab for the Misconception.com auction and then click to Join the Chat. You can sign up now for free so you are all set for Thursday and that way you can even get a friendly email reminder when the auction is about to start.

So what is it that I'm going to be talking about? Besides detailing my life story in excruciating detail, we'll be covering two of the biggest things to happen on the internet in our lifetime! First, the newly announced Google Wave and how to capitalize on it... That means we'll be talking about the impending launch of our website, Collaborative-Tools.com, as well. Google Wave is going to change the way we communicate online.

Second, and only slightly less life altering, is the announcement of our Geo Domain project. I'll make the official announcement tomorrow and then we'll have a chance to go into the meaty details about it in the Bido chat on Thursday. So stay tuned! Ugh.. I hate that line. And be sure to join the free live chat this Thursday at 1pm EST.

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