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Pluck On Demand Review

You've probably noticed the new extra content on UtterDomain.com. It's certainly not because I feel like I can't provide you with content. It's designed to augment my own content by providing related content for the specific page you are on. It's implemented via javascript so there are no Search Indexing problems like content duplication but it also means there's no backlinking love to the original authors.

Pluck has built a network of affiliate bloggers and contract writers and the content does contain "by lines" for the author so there's not really a chance that the content will be mistaken as written by someone else or with copyright infringement. It's all on the up and up. You can even sign up to have your blog content syndicated through Pluck.

Bloggers win because their content gains new readers and they get a cut of the advertising PPC revenue. Website developers who want to generate extra revenue and make their sites "sticky" by adding additional content without the expense or time involved in developing that content themselves get the lion's share of the ad revenue. Pluck also gets a cut so they can keep producing great content.

So why isn't everyone using it? Well, it's not a magic bullet. It won't give you better ranking with search engines because the content is never seen by their bots. It's also handled in javascript which can have a bit of a "popup" effect as the content is loaded into the page dynamically. This might throw off the users.

The good news is that it's fairly straight forward to setup. There are some limitations on which blog systems work best - the hosted WordPress community for example is out of luck in some regards. There are also some kind of funky requirements if you use Blogger but as you can see it's certainly functional. I have to say I'm pretty impressed by the whole setup. They've solved a very real problem - until you develop enough content to keep users' eyeballs firmly attached to your site, Pluck ondemand is a great option and an additional revenue stream. You can sign up for free for Pluck on Demand here.

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