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How to add a Privacy Policy to Blogger

If you monetize your blog, it's highly like that you've already agreed to provide your users with a privacy policy statement concerning your use of cookies and such. If you're not sure what your privacy policy should include, you really should check with your affiliate programs themselves, but you can get a template-based privacy policy from SERPRank.com. All you have to do is include your domain name and email address, then select your advertising partners.

This template has the new terminology that Google needs you to use for AdSense now that they are trying to provide smarter ads... based on the technology they bought from DoubleClick.

Now that you've got the text of your privacy policy, you need to get it on Blogger. Well, Blogger doesn't let you create pages like you can in WordPress. So instead we are forced to just create a post (be sure to set the date of the post to be the date you started the blog so that it doesn't show up in front of other posts - you can set this by clicking Post Options at the bottom of the Posting > Create page). This is a kludge but it's an effective one. Once you've published the post go to Posting > Edit Posts and Right click your Privacy Policy's "View" link and click Copy Link Location.

All you have to do now is just click on Layout and choose where you want your privacy link to show up. You can throw it in a footer or sidebar or even in the template itself. Once you decide where it goes, type the following:

<a href="XXX">Privacy Policy</a>

where XXX is the link you copied to the clipboard. Paste it into the href attribute, Save your changes and check it out! Now you don't have to worry about getting kicked out of AdSense (or any other ad program) because of your Privacy Policy.

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