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HinduBride.com/.co.in/.in - Keywords for an international market

HinduBride.com (also available are the .co.in and .in extensions for India) is a great domain name. It can be used for matchmaking, matrimonial services, an Indian Bridal magazine site or you could even go Adult if you wanted. It's a recognizable and easily remembered brand with type-in traffic potential as well as significant SEO possibilities that get even even better if you understand your audience.

There's something that many domainers in the US forget - not all internet searches happen in the US. For example, many people use the Google AdWords/Key Word Tool available here to determine the number of searches that take place each month on a specific keyword(s)... in this case Hindu Bride. If you did that for the US/English language only you'd see an average of 27k searches a month. That's not bad. But if you change the settings on that page to be for all countries and territories, you'll see the average number of searches jumps to 550k. That's freakin' huge!

You see, India's heritage as a British colony means that they use English quite frequently - especially for business. Statistics vary, but it's likely the 2nd or 3rd largest English speaking country in the world, and while it's internet penetration is still fairly low, that just means the growth potential of Indian domain names is largely unrealized (but not for long!) while growth in the US has started to peak.

Now, if you use traditional automated domain valuation services like Estibot.com, you'll generally only see the traffic potential for the US. While it still values the domain at $2k, it only sees about 1/20th of the potential traffic! DotComs with 500k + searches a month often sell well into the $XX,XXX range. Tools like Estibot also only look at advertisers not affiliate potential. The real gold mine here is not just the search engine traffic or google adword clicks, it's the rich affiliate market out there for Indian matchmaking sites. Sites like Shaadi, Jeevansathi and BharatMatrimony all have great affiliate programs and significant payouts - often with payouts even for free sign ups. The revenue potential for the site is really unlimited.

If you are interested in making an offer on HinduBride.com, you can submit your offer right here. Any size bid will start the auction on Sedo. If you'd like to buy all 3 domains, please make your best $X,XXX - $XX,XXX offer to addouglas @ gmail dot com (without the spaces).

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