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ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. It's really just a reference to those funny extensions you sometimes see like .co.uk for Great Britain, .fr for France or .de for Germany. While some of these countries have fairly tight restrictions on who can purchase these names, there are other registries that are less strict. Extensions such as .ME, .TV, .CC and .IN are all country codes but that are available for purchase from anyone in the world.

There's been a big push into ccTLDs by domain investors recently as it becomes more and more obvious that not everyone will use .com. There are literally billions of people who will type in other extensions by default such as .cn for China or .in for India. And even countries in Europe or South America (.co.Br for Brazil is HUGE) will continue to develop on ccTLDs. For domain investors just starting out or those with the savvy to look outside of .com, there are great investments out there.

The best place to find those deals are at ccTLDs.com, the newly launched forums for domainers interested in one or more ccTLD extensions. It's still just getting started, but there is already a thriving market place and some very insightful discussions that are crucial for deciding on which ccTLD's are right for you. If you are interested in seeing what I've got for sale then definitely check these threads. If you are interested in any of those domains, just PM theoretical.

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