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Upselling with Domain Names

One thing I really want to do this year is bundle my domain names with additional products, services, hosting and more so that someone with no skills at webdesign or marketing can get up to speed really quickly on their new domain name. This adds value to the domain but it also means that I'm building a deeper connection to my customers. I've been looking around at products and services that I could bundle and figured I'd share some of my ideas.

Domain and Webhosting Reseller Programs

I'm planning to create a storefront that includes allowing my customers to register domains and sign up for hosting. I'm not going to create this from scratch myself, of course. I'll simply purchase a reseller plan like the one from GoDaddy or possibly use Directi's ResellerClub to manage the storefront, hosting and Credit Card processing for me.

Information Products

I'm not sure if you know what "Gravity" is when it refers to ClickBank, but it basically indicates how strong a seller a particular product is. The highest gravity product at ClickBank right now is right up domain alley - Niche Blueprint 2.0. It takes a lot of the guess work and grunt work out of building out an e-commerce site. Something I know from experience can be a time consuming and frustrating process.


While this isn't the kind of service that every customer I sell a domain name to will require, there are many end users that I'll be contacting that already have a domain but they aren't making as much use of it as they should. This is really the core of my background and something I'm very good at. I'll be able to provide consulting services on a wide range of topics including SEO, website design, social networking and marketing (via Adwords, link building, etc.)

So have you upsold your domain customers with additional products and services? What seems to work best for you?

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