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The Race to $1250 - WirelessRouters.us

Tomorrow I'll be starting a race between domain flipping and domain development to see which one will net me $1250 first. The domain in question: WirelessRouters.us.

Granted, the race is a little skewed towards flipping as the name is up for auction at Bido tomorrow with a Bido Price of $1250. Now, obviously a developed site will be much easier to flip, so if it doesn't sell tomorrow, then the race will be to see if my development, marketing and SEO skills, along with owning a great keyword domain, will result in not just a profitable minisite, but a full blown ecommerce site with a goal of earning $1250 in just it's first 90 days.

So let's set some ground rules:

The Rules of the Race

  1. I would be happy with selling WirelessRouters.us at it's BidoPrice, but it's not really a "net gain" of $1250 as I have sunk costs in the name. That said, development must net $1250, not gross. However, I will not be counting my fixed hosting costs or my personal time against the gross. I think this is fair. Why? Because I think everyone would agree that a recurring revenue stream is better than a one time sale, but the sale is inherently "easier" from a labor perspective as well as capital outlay. But feel free to disagree in the comments.

  2. I will not be marketing the name at $1250 once the site development begins, but I will still consider offers. They'll just need to take into consideration the work that's gone into the development. If a sale occurs at $1250 or greater prior to earning $1250 via development, then flipping "wins".

  3. I will not use this blog to link directly to the site. Though honestly that would not be a major win for the site :)

  4. There is essentially an inconsequential amount of type in/existing traffic so the development and marketing efforts will be entirely responsible for the success of the site.

  5. Failure to reach the goal will result in public humiliation. Reaching the goal via either reselling or developing will hopefully get some much needed attention for the .US extension and product .US domains in particular.

  6. Revenue from the site can be from "any means necessary", not just in sales. No, this isn't some trick to make development easier, but I want to be clear that I'll be counting all revenue sources as a part of the total earned from development.

I'd love to hear votes of encouragement, suggestions, etc... but if you think I'm doomed to failure, you can voice your opinion too. Direct the feedback to http://twitter.com/UtterDomain. Let the race begin!

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