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Domain Awards of the Week - Issue 1

I'm starting a new series here every Friday. We'll take a satirical look at the best and worst of the domain industry and make up completely pointless awards. The best part is that the winners will receive absolutely nothing. This is a great week to get started as there was plenty to talk about, starting with:

The "Me Too" Blog Award

goes to the entire domain blog community for their excellent and redundant coverage of the halveraz fiasco over at Snapnames. If you have a domain blog or twitter account and didn't blog or tweet about it, then you may be eligible for the "Comatose Domainer of the Week Award", but then you won't be conscious to read this anyway, so tough luck. The early bird gets the frickin' worm.

The "Yeah Right, We Know You Reg'ed It When You Were Drunk" Award

goes to none other than Rick Latona for his entertaining "Worst Expired Domain Ever".

The "But There are Starving Children in Africa" Award

goes to the jerk off who bought the Sudan for a whopping a $120,000. Oh wait, he bought Sudan.com. Nevermind. That's a steal!

The "Why Didn't I Think of That First" Award

goes to DomainSuperstar for their wonderful, marvellous, stupendous list of Top 100 Domain Blogs. Did I mention I'm number 68? What? It's updated daily and now I'm 72?? Thanks DomainSuperstar... you're a real shmuck.

And finally, in all seriousness...

The "Domainer That Even Domainers Don't Like" Award

goes to the asshole who registered and parked TeenGangRape.com. There's a special level in hell for you sir.. or ma'am. Even though you registered it in January, your ads were probably responsible for what happened in California... Well, at least all the readers of TechCrunch think so. Kudos to Sedo though for choosing "Cheap Airfare" as a related search term. Frickin' Genius.

Now, I'm off to see if there are any Fort Hood domains available. Let me know what you think of the Awards at http://Twitter.com/UtterDomain. Have a great weekend!

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