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Are Alternative Extensions Even an Alternative?

I posted this poll up a little earlier as I have couple of names I'd like to develop where I own multiple extensions but I don't own the .com. For example, if you own the .net and the .org, which one do you develop? I know, many of these decisions depend on the name itself, but it doesn't hurt to ask:


And while it's early yet, the results so far are kind of disheartening. How have we gotten, as an "industry" so hooked on one extension. I know the arguments - Google and other search engines rank them well, type-ins and marketing dollars, unfair registration fees and premium names held back for auctions, etc. And there are valiant efforts out there by really brilliant people going against this mold. Developing on crazy new extensions. They may just be ahead of their time.

But what will it take for them to be the norm? When will the insanity of registering complete jibberish just so that you can own an affordable .com end? Is there any hope that launching any new extensions or opening up any existing ccTLDs for global use will break the .com monopoly? I honestly think that until there's really choice, end users will always look at domaining as kind of goofy.

And one last thought: If there's ever a real alternative, will the domain industry be able to keep up? Will you be there when it starts? Has it already started?

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