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Giving up on WhyPark?

So, I've had mixed results with WhyPark over the last couple of months. Some of my sites - including a mini site for Insurance in Corvallis initially did well, given enough unique content, customized ad displays, affiliate links, etc. I also had a very nice Yahoo! ranking for a site about fixing yellow teeth. I even wrote about how much I liked WhyPark's service. Both of those sites ranked well and generated enough revenue for me to continue my Premium Subscription in the hopes that over several months, my other sites would also get ranked and would start generating revenue.

Unfortunately, just the opposite has happened. Those sites that were generating revenue in their first month or so of operation have now dropped off the search engines (if not completely, well off the first page). The sites that weren't ranked before are still nowhere to be found. Even exact match .coms. I realize that I could do better with content updates and link building (though I've done some in that regards), but watching my revenue and visits drop through the floor has lead me to think that my time is best spent elsewhere. No, the names aren't the greatest ever, but there shouldn't be any reason why straight up .com's can't rank for exact searches unless the content generated by WhyPark fails the Search Engine's quality tests. And I think that's what's going on. Sure, you can find some WhyPark sites that still rank well, but my experience has been that WhyPark's "trust" in the eyes of the search engines is shrinking fast and I'd rather not fight against that tide.

So, before I cancel my account and seek revenues elsewhere, tell me I'm wrong! Let me know what your experiences have been and if you see growth now and into the future. Maybe with a little patience and investment, the platform still has a chance to be successful. One can hope, right?

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  2. same exact thing has happened / is happening to me...

  3. inho
    opinion i have tried parkig for over 6 years with 800 doms, rarely is it worth checking out revenue and updating the parked site ...too complicated and small cents per name,, best to develop full site,but it takes many manhours for each one ,.ROI TOO SMALL, far too small or simply flip doms ,not so easy though
    if i come over as pessimistic, its just not so easy money as the hype would portray

  4. Same as here also.