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Shoot.us Domain Auction Press Release

I'm preparing for the shoot.us auction on Bido on July 30th. There are a number of people who have comparable names, who have expressed interest in the name or have relevant businesses that could capitalize on a great brandable name like shoot.us that I have been contacting via email along the lines of the following:

I apologize for the unsolicited email, but I'm the owner of a domain you may be interested in - Shoot.us. The domain is going up for auction with no reserve at the auction site Bido.com. This is a special auction that only lasts one hour and the domain will sell (it may sell for as little as $1). The auction will start on July 30th at 1:23pm EST, but you can put in a pre-Bid anytime between now and then. If your pre-Bid ends up winning, you get 2% cashback through Bido. If you are not interested in the domain, I'm sorry for taking your time. If you have any questions or issues, please let me know.
Here is the link to the auction: http://www.bido.com/Auction?name=shoot.us
All the best,

I've also produced a press release on PR.com for free that will be released next week. It's a bit cheesy and I may do a separate press release with a more serious tone the day before the auction. Here's the text of the release:

Theoretical Games is excited to announce that the hit domain name Shoot.us is going to be auctioned at No Reserve at the Bido.com auction site. This special auction will start on July 30th at 1:23pm EST and run for exactly one hour. If you are interested in purchasing the domain, you can pre-Bid at Bido.com anytime between now and July 30th. If your pre-Bid wins, you will receive 2% cashback from Bido.com.

The dot US extension is the country code for the United States (like .co.uk is for the United Kingdom) and it is gaining significant popularity with many premium .US domains selling for over ten thousand dollars. But this name is also a clever "domain hack" with the play on words of "Shoot us". Similar domain names, such as Teach.me, Trust.me and Publish.me sold last month at auction for as much as $20,000. This domain name could go for a steal with a $0 reserve!

Shoot.us is perfectly suited for a number of users. Wedding photographers, video producers, hunting clubs and gun stores in the United States, sports shooting publications, video game developers and more could use this clever brand-able domain name to hold their users hostage. With so many barely pronounceable "web 2.0" domains vying for our attention, this short and memorable name could help you stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to tune in to http://www.bido.com/Auction?name=shoot.us as the auction action is sure to blow you away. Be there July 30th at 1:23pm on the East Coast or 10:23am out in the Old West.

I'd love some constructive criticism or advice on how you would market the shoot.us auction. I've got several auctions happening at Bido but this is by far my favorite name of bunch (just don't tell anyone else!)


  1. Update: I got my first reply from one of the half dozen or so emails I've sent so far (and probably a dozen or two more to do, but I'll put that off til at least next week). It was a snide remark about "shoot us" for sending spam (this from an owner of a shoot.XXX domain so it's hardly irrelevant, but I admit it was unsolicited). I would have responded to apologize again but I said I wouldn't send any more email and I won't :) They did wish us luck with the auction though!

  2. Try writing a more positive email. You are doing them a favor by emailing them to tell them about your great domain name for sale. I wouldn't apologize for taking their time, but rather, thank them for their time.