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Quick registration post

I don't have time for a full breakdown but I grabbed some "fun" domains the other day that I thought I'd share. There's been some controversy over the future of the .tv extension... I find much of it to be silly. There's risk with any investment and domain names or different extensions are no different. With greater risk comes greater rewards. If you are willing to "risk" $19 bucks for a .tv domain name, you can head over to name.com as they've got a great deal going. So what cool .tv did I get?

Batting dot TV - This works for cricket or baseball, is great for trainers, tutorials and other videos. With well over a million searches a month in just the US, this has some nice possibilities. It goes hand in hand with:

Batting-Cages dot com - You know how I love those dashes! There were > 300,000 searches for batting cages last month. I'm thinking this will be mostly a local directory listing service with a few product reviews and such to go along with it. There are lots of end user possibilities for resale, but generally I don't resell dashes - I'm in it for the affiliate sales.

Speaking of networks of sites again - some search engines knock you for running multiple linked sites all on one server. One way to avoid this (and to avoid network outages) is to run on multiple hosting platforms. One really cheap monthly service I found recently is JustHost. They are running a special where you get can %20 off with the coupon code JHSL20. Just remember that performance is also calculated into your search engine rankings so if you notice your site is slow to load, talk with your provider or look for a new host.

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