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I'm going to tell you a secret. The easiest and cheapest way to find, register and profit from geo domains is by searching in bulk. If you don't search in bulk, buy in bulk and develop in bulk, you will not make much money in geo domains. It's the efficiencies inherent in designing and building a site once, and reselling it a dozen or two dozen or three hundred times that is where you make profits.

So the first step is to find names and to register them cheaply, and that's what this post is about. I've created a helpful, but "basic" spreadsheet you can download here that is a good 450 geo names in multiple countries that you can start with. Don't expect this to include everything, but it gives you a basic idea of what to look for. Add to it and make it your own proprietary list of names that you use to find the best possible geos. One thing it does not include are "destinations" like Palm Springs... oops. My bad!

The next step is pretty simple - plug in the keyword you want to search for. In the sample, it's GolfCourses. Don't be afraid to try it out, but also come up with your own list of killer keywords and definitely try singular versions of keywords as well. Once you've entered your super special keyword, the spreadsheet should do all the work and make a list of 450 domain names to check. Now, how do you check to see if they are available?

Go Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

Just select the text in the second column and paste it into the link above. GoDaddy will search up to 500 domains in a number of common extensions in a matter of seconds and provide you with a list of all the available domains. Generally, bulk registration is the cheapest you can find, but GoDaddy is running a special. For at least this weekend you can use the coupon code cjc749t2 and you can reg them for just $7.49 a piece! When bulk registering domains, every dollar saved per domain registered really starts to add up. And at that kind of bulk pricing, and with ICANN fees going up all the time, it may not hurt to reg them for a couple of years out either.

One last word of caution - be smart! Don't just reg the names because they matched. Do your homework. If there aren't any golf courses in Timbuktu, but TimbuktuGolfCourses.com is available, it's still not worth the reg fee! But don't be upset if Estibot or some other tools says the domain isn't worth anything either. The point of buying these domains is to develop them in mass, and so each individual domain doesn't have to have huge search results or be worth thousands of dollars according to some automated domain estimation tool. But do buy smart!

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