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What's in a name

I posted a response to an interesting article over at dotweekly regarding GoDaddy dropped domain names and why we choose what we choose when it comes to domains.

Now, the name he picked up for cheap was AdvertisingPal.com and the only similar dropped name I've really picked up was UseClick.com. It's not really a fair comparison, so I started thinking of other names as if I was creating an online advertising company. I came up with some names that are either dropping or available for reg fees only. I would put them in the same boat as AdvertisingPals.com and I'll leave it up to you if you think they are better or not :)

Reg Fee:
AdAccent.com - adding local flavor to your ads
AdSpikes.com - play on traffic spikes
AdVictor.com - helping you win better ad placement for less?
New! AdVectors.com - attacking the market from all angles!
RippedAds.com - okay, this was just kinda funny :)

AdCosts.org - more of a non-profit agency type thing, but could still work
AdExt.com - 5 letters but not very pronounceable.
AdJoy.com - 5 letters and very pronounceable. I might bid on this! :)
AdSpaces.net - too bad about the extension but a nice name none the less. I think ad "networks" can pull off .net

Okay, back to work. That was a fun 30 minutes distraction though. If I come up with any more I'll post an update.

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