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New Registrations

I'm going to start a series of blogs about new registrations I've made, my develop plans for them and my goals/objectives for each site. These aren't all of the names I'm working on and some projects may get dumped in favor of more fruitful pastures, but it gives an idea of what I do. If your process and/or experiences differ, please let me know! It also keeps me honest and reminds me of my own objectives. I registered two names today but I've only got time to talk about one tonight. I'll cover the other this weekend. So, without further ado -


This was in celebration (a day late) of Earth Day. Did you buy a green domain yesterday? I did some casual searching through different green ideas. Green Homes had some nice CPC (cost per click) rates, and even better numbers showed up in Green Home Plans. You can do some searching using Google's AdWords Tool to track down some niche topics and then do some searching against those niche terms to see what names are available to register. I really need to check out the tools at Domain SuperStar as they may speed up this process quite a bit. Anyway, Green Tips has a CPC of just about $1 which isn't too bad, and in just the US the keywords have almost 50k searches in March according to Google. Those aren't bad figures at all. Unfortunately there's a big old parked page at GreenTips(dot)com (available for sale at Sedo apparently, but not parked there). Well, it turns out that nearly all the other extensions were taken for GreenTips as well, except for .Me (which isn't bad here either, but I didn't reg it) and .Tv which I thought was a perfect extension for GreenTips.

Value Estimation

I like evaluating these domains on the value of the .com and then taking a percentage of that based on the relevancy and popularity of the extension. This is not something automated tools do very well. So if you look at GreenTips(dot)com at Estibot you get a value of just $2500. I think that's low for those keyword stats and Estibot shows 0/10 ad competition which is not accurate. Sometimes you have to go with your gut (and corroborating statistics) and I'd say it's worth at least twice that. So if we say the .com is worth at least $5k, then how much is .TV worth? Well, .TV is a great extension for providing rich content and "tips" works well in that you we will be providing TV Commercial type snippets. dotTV is also moving up on sales charts with several 5 figure sales so far this year alone. In some ways it's almost caught up to .net. In this case I'd value it at a little less than %10 of the .com (%10 is a fairly common number for the .net compared to the .com), and so I valued it at around $3-400 without any development. Not a bad deal for just over $30 at Name.com. dotTV registrations are one of the more expensive ones out there which is why it's also easier to find these great names for just a reg fee... speculators and squatters can't afford $30-$40 registration fees for names they don't develop.

Development Plan

This site screams for "the more you know" type 30 second commercials. The best part is that I can probably get the advertisers for these green commercials to pay for spots on the site once we have some content. Everyone has an agenda! If they really are the "tree hugger with no money" type, then I can do some great link building and maybe even work out some content deals without having to build out a network of sites and tons of content myself. It's a win-win.


I still need to do a full mind map of different keywords I want to target and I need to start pulling together content. Let's say I'd like to have at least 15 articles and 3-5 video snippets developed exclusively for the site over the next 3 months. I'd also like to get a collection of public service announcements on the site as well... maybe a dozen or so. Once I have the mind map of keywords I'll have a better sense of search traffic and such but I can give rough numbers here at 3, 6 and 12 months

3 months - 500 visitors a month. $25 a month in revenue.
6 months - 1500 visitors a month. $75 a month in revenue.
12 months - 4000 visitors a month. $200 a month in revenue.

You may say those numbers are low, but I like shooting low and then beating my own expectations. That keeps me in a positive mental attitude!

Resale Target: Fully developed and at those target levels, the site would be worth no less than $6000 and if I exceed those traffic/revenue numbers even just a little, you could see this site selling for 5 figures quite easily.

Budget for 1 year: I should be able to ride entirely off my existing hosting solution, so I'll only cover development and content creation costs. Now's a good time to explain that I like to budget based on my own development as if it were contracted out at $30 an hour. That's not a bad number in case A. I get bogged down with work and have to outsource and B. It keeps my development costs honest as there is a cost to my time.

Development Resources for 1 year: 50 hours @ $30/hour = $1500
Content Creation for 1 year: $500 outsourced
Marketing/SEO/Link Building: 50 hours @ 30/hour = $1500

Total cost for 1 year comes out to $3500. I should be break even shortly there after based on my revenue projections. As you can see this is not a get rich quick scheme, but the returns could be plentiful. If I put that $3500 into a stock or CD, in 5 years I may have made $1000. If I put that $3500 towards domain development, in 5 years GreenTips.TV will likely net me well over $5000 in positive cash flow and be worth several times that in resale value. Which would you rather put your money on?

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