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Domain Awards of the Week - Issue 2

Welcome to the second edition of the Domain Awards of the Week right here on UtterDomain. In the fine tradition of... well, last week, we take a sophisticated and professional look at the weeks news and throw all that out and focus on the fluff. So let's dig in:

The "New Kid on the Block" Award

Goes to LuxuryNames.com for their newly announced auction powered by Snapnames that will run from November 18th to the 24th. They've released their domain line up, and it appears that they are taking the "if it's not .com it's okay with us as long as it has exact searches" approach to their catalog. I'm not sure it'll float in this market. My pick of the list is WeeklyPlanner.com with 12k exacts and a starting price under $1k.

Runner up on the New Kid on the Block category is Latonas.com which is gearing up for the 2010 domain auction season with a new auction platform, but in many ways they are really only New in Name Only. The new name does beg the question, "With so many Rick's involved over there in one way or another, why didn't they go with Ricks.com?"

The "Jail Bait" Award

Goes to the fresh young domaining faces that have started popping up all over the place like zits on the day before prom. Young whippersnappers like DotJake.com and TeenDomainer.com show real entrepreneurial spirit. Almost makes me long for those hellish days of Highschool again. I just have two words of advice that I'd like to pass on to you teeny-boppers: Stop registering all those MILF and Cougar domains, and Get off my lawn!

The "Pointless Blog Post of the Week" Award

Goes to the infamous Owen Frager for this lovely blurb as the entirety of his post:
Big News From NameMedia
Vips- standby for email alert.

He later updated the post to point to another post to say that there may be layoffs at NameMedia and other domain related companies. During a recession. Rumors of Layoffs. Big news.

Runner up in the Pointless Blog category goes to every other post Owen made. Just kidding Owen! We love you!

and finally...

The "We Really Get It" Award

Goes to the anonymous and secretive person who bought GolfShop.com. Why? I mean, GolfClubs.com gets lots more exact searches and is for sale for low 7 figures. Why pay 6 figures for GolfShop.com that only gets a measly 33k global exacts!? Because It's not all about exacts, is it? It's about brand, it's about creating a store front that can cover the entire range of products involved. It's about return on capital. You think the owner of GolfShop.com will really make that much less than GolfClubs.com could given equal development and marketing costs? And the owner of GolfShop.com didn't have to shell out 7 figures for the name. That's not to say that GolfClubs.com isn't a great name, mind you. It's just that I support those who make "unconventional" domain decisions, but smart business decisions. More power to them!

In case you blinked last week, you can see the past week's winners here. You can let me know what you think of the winners or the awards at http://twitter.com/UtterDomain


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